Friday, September 22, 2006

Cedeq Enterpad P360

The Cedeq P360 Enterpads has tree times the buttons of a P120 for a total of 360 button! The P360 expanded buttons are more then enough for most applications. The same rugged construction allows the this Enterpad to be used almost any place from a point-of-sale system to an assembly line.

The P360 uses the same setup commands as a P120 Enterpad making configuration simple.

Friday, September 01, 2006


Get a value increase on your PC application with the Cedeq Enterpad. These touchpads makes repetitive operations simpler. Easy to integrate with virtually any program. Color code the keypad and simplify finding the correct button. Lots of new possibilities.

This easy to use enhancement can be used with all programs such as word processors, accounting, point-of-sales, hospitals and medical clinics to mention a few.

American inquires contact P. M. Kidder & Assocaties at (866) 319-0426.

Free technical support available.

Enterpad Description

Enterpad Description: "The Cedeq Enterpad now comes in two models. The new P360 has 360 buttons and the P120 comes with 120 buttons.

Each of the 360 or 120 positions on an Enterpad allows you to reproduction of any series of characters available on a regular keyboard.

Any key on a keyboard can be emulated including all Shift, Control and Alternate key conbinations.

You create a configuration file that is loaded into the Enterpad creating the exact pattern your application requires.

Entry of repeated commands are now easier!

Your applications are now easier to use!"

Picture of an Enterpad